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To conserve massive amounts of water, produce bigger, healthier plants, and protect our environment from soil erosion, dust, and pollution from nutrient runoff into the watershed — Call for information and pricing.

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Hydrosource brand cross-linked polyacrylamide (CLP) is available as six products:

  • Standard Grind (2–4 mm)
  • Medium Grind (1–2 mm)
  • Fine Grind (0.3–1 mm)
  • Powdered (<0.5 mm)
  • Bare Root Dip
  • Potted Plant Formula
Hydrosource® Standard and Medium Grind

Standard and Medium Grind CLP looks like rock salt when dry. Add water and they become hydrated gel chunks with an appearance similar to that of cracked ice. These water-gathering crystals can hold hundreds of times their weight in water and nutrients.

When you mix Hydrosource® Standard or Medium Grind CLP into the top 6–8 inches of soil in a flowerbed, garden, lawn, or crop field; or mix CLP into the soil used to fill in around the root ball in planting holes for landscape plants, shrubs, and trees:
  • CLP captures and stores rainfall, snowmelt, irrigation water, and dissolved nutrients. Plants grow their roots into the gel chunks to access the water and nutrients.
  • CLP improves the texture and condition of the soil by radically changing size as it absorbs and gives up water. This soil aeration process creates a better environment for plant roots, air, water, and soil microorganisms. Studies show soil mixed with CLP can double and sometimes triple microbiological activity in the soil, important to plant health and fertility.
  • CLP cools the soil by keeping more moisture near the surface.

Plants grown with Hydrosource® Standard or Medium Grind CLP are healthier and grow faster with less stress. Benefits include increased pest and disease resistance, higher yields of superior quality produce and flowers, and larger, faster maturing plants, all with less water and fertilizer, as well as your time and labor!

Other applications for Standard or Medium Grind range from using the crystals alone in bandanas, decorative floral pieces, ice and snow substitutes in photography, classroom science experiments, and to hydrate insects raised for pet food or bait.

Hydrosource® Fine Grind and Powdered

Fine Grind and Powdered CLP form slurries rather than individual gel chunks. In agriculture, they reduce the percolation rates of sandy soils. In waste cleanup, they are applied dry to sop-up liquids and to bind heavy metal and radioactive cations.

Hydrosource® Bare Root Dip and Potted Plant Formula

Bare Root Dip is used to root-dip seedlings and line seed trays to stabilize moisture levels. For existing potted plants and containers, use Potted Plant Formula.

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Hydrosource brand linear polyacrylamide (PAM) is available as three products:

  • Dry granular powder
  • Slow release tablets
  • Effervescent tablets
Which product you select depends on how PAM is applied. Some examples:
  • Apply dry granular powder with a spreader.
  • Place slow release tabs in a mesh bag and place in a water flow, or place a tab at the head of an irrigation furrow.
  • Dissolve effervescent tablets in a water tank and spray.
Dissolved Hydrosource® PAM acts as negatively charged “glue” that holds positively charged soil in place and maintains soil structure, often reducing erosion by over 90%. One ounce of PAM can save as much as 1000 pounds of topsoil. PAM binds nutrients, weed seeds, and pathogenic organisms, keeping them in the field or onsite improving fertility, and protecting waterways and ground water. In many cases, it even improves crop production. Used yearly on millions of acres throughout the USA and the world, PAM has gained widespread acceptance as the low-cost exceptionally effective solution for erosion and runoff contamination.

When you apply Hydrosource® PAM for irrigation erosion control, pond and canal sealing, stockpile sealing, construction and road dust control, or hydroseeding:
  • PAM holds existing soils in place stabilizing fields, unpaved roads and airfields, irrigation and wastewater ditches, construction sites, hydroseeding applications, and reforestation projects. It will not change the structure of your soil, but will maintain whatever work you and nature have already put into it.
  • PAM binds suspended soils in the flow to form clumps or aggregates that precipitate out keeping the soil and nutrients in the ditch, field, or onsite.
  • PAM improves net infiltration in fine to medium textured soils by an average of 15–50%. PAM does not change the structure of the soil, but rather maintains the open pores during irrigations or rainfall improving net infiltration by reducing surface sealing.
  • PAM binds contaminants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, pesticides, weed seeds, and microorganisms, and pulls them out of suspension, dramatically improving runoff water quality.
  • PAM binds contaminants commonly found on construction sites, and is idea for reclamation projects.

  • PAM enhances hydroseeding applications by tightening the slurry stream, holding the mixture in place, improving the water holding capacity of the mix and the underlying soil to maximize germination rates and stabilize the soil structure for better erosion control and infiltration.
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Hydrosource brand polyvinyl acetate (PVA) is available only in liquid form as three products:

  • 42 Pound Pail
  • 450 Pound Drum
  • 2300 Pound Cage Tote
Use Hydrosource® PVA mixed in water and distributed by water truck for making inexpensive temporary surfaces that perform like asphalt or concrete:
  • Roadways
  • Airfields
  • Helicopter Landing Pads
PVA in a concentrated form to hold down mine tailing piles and for many other similar commercial & industrial applications.

ChinkedPVA Treated Sand
Sand racetrack treated with PVA.
Black marks are from motorcycle tires.
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